Savage axis XP brush camp finish caliber 223 four round magazine email or text Eric at 208-421-4967
i have a Tortola of 8 unopened cases of cold weather MREs. These are the freeze dried meals, and they are made by Mountain House. These are almost the exact same thing you can buy at Sportsman s or Cabelas for $10 a meal, and that only includes the meal. These include the snacks, drink packets and little handy packet. There are 12 per case, so it breaks down to paying $6.25 per meal. That s a l...
i have an ammo can with 28 rounds of .50BMG tracers and 50 rounds of 7.62x51 (.308Win) tracers. I d like to get $50 for each set, or I d do $75for all of it.
30 Remington Ar Ammuniton. 6 boxes of Remmington 125 Grain Accutip. Asking 108 for the 6 boxes. Call or text cody at 208-432-2372.
Springfield XDS 45 ACP, this is the Bi-tone with Tungsten Cerakoted Frame and Magazine. This was Professionally Cerakoted by a dealer in Twin Falls. The gun comes with the original case, 2 -5 round Magazines and 1- 7 Round Mag. Has the stock holster and mag holster along with two IWB Conceal holsters. Asking $475 OBO. Call or text Cody @ 208-432-2372.
Springfield XD Tactical 5" 45 ACP. This gun has 7 magazines, 6 (13 rounds) and 1(10 rounds), night sights, original case with holster, magazine loader and magazine holster. This gun is in great condition. Asking $500 OBO. Call or text Cody at 208-432-2372
10 boxes of 308 for sale. 4 Boxes are Fiocchi 180 grain Match King, 6 boxes are Sellier&Bellot 150 grain Soft Point. Sell all 10 boxes(200 rounds) for $100. Call or text Cody at 208-432-2372.
Black Cloud 12 gauge shells for sale. These are great for waterfowl. I have 2 boxes, they are 3 1/2 inch 1 1/2 shot. Asking $30 for both boxes(50 Shotshells). Call or text Cody at 208-432-2372.
2 Boxes(20 per) of Remington 150 Gr Core Lokt, 2 boxes(20 per) Winchester 175 Grain power point, 1 box of Hornady 139 Grain Interlock Ammo. Selling 5 boxes (100 Rounds) for $100. Call or text Cody @ 208-432-2372
4 boxes of 223 WSSM, Winchester 55 Grain Jacketed Soft Point. total of 80 Rounds. Asking $80 for all. Call or text Cody @ 208-432-2372
2 boxes of 243 100 grain (40 Rounds Total). Selling for $20 for both boxes. Call or text Cody@ 208-432-2372
10 boxes of 410 Bore #6 shot. There are 25 in a box and the length is 3". Asking $80 for all. Call or text cody @ 208-432-2372
Black Hills Ammunition. This is 36 grain varmit grenade ammo. This is factory seconds, thats why its in a different color box than the normal Black Hills Ammunition. This ammo has been gone over and looks and shoots fine. Asking 72 for the remaining 6 boxes( Boxes of 50). You can hardly find ammo anywhere for $0.24/round. Feel Free to call or txt Cody @ 208-432-2372
Kimber micro 9mm. Small scratch on side of slide but in good shape.
Uberti 45 long colt for sale.
ruger American in 308 with a Leupold vx2
S&W 1911 PD. Scandium Frame. 4.25 Barrel. 95% condition. Holster wear on Frame and Slide neat Barrel tip. No rust or marks. Comes with blue plastic Box, extra Magazine, Lock, and Manual. No disappointments.
Included: Hard blue case Handgun Magazine Trigger lock
Selling my Taurus p92. 2-17 round magazines. Perfect condition very few rounds through it. Very smooth shooting pistol. Possible trades four Glock 43. Or 45 caliber semi automatic pistol. Or $400 cash
Rifle is in great condition. Has about 200 rounds through it and shoots great! Comes with case, sling, Vortex Scope and a few rounds. About $1400 into it altogether. $850 OBO
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